This page will lead you to photographs and videos by Susan Kirby, arranged by subjects. If you want to subscribe to my YouTube channel, search SKirbynyc. I call my nature videos Another Silly Video by Susan Kirby. The bird videos are part of a subseries called Filming the Feathers. The individual bird videos can be seen on the individual bird Web page.


Bugs, Butterflies, Furry Critters, Frogs, Turtles

There is fauna besides birds to photograph, in Central Park, Riverside Park and other exotic locations (see also Zoos, below). This collection will feature the bugs, butterflies, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, opossums and non-furry critters like frogs and turtles.


Central Park

I don't spend a lot of time photographing scenery or monuments, but I do occasionally get inspired by a snowstorm or sunset. See also the Zoos etc. section below, as well as Favorite Photographs.



Christmas is very important to the Chronicler, and she spends a lot of time creating Christmas joy. These links will take you to some very memorable videos and photographs. You can find more Christmas cheer in the archives of The Chronicler's Tales.


Favorite Photos

This section could also be called Miscellaneous, but I think many of the photos here will be more entertaining than most junk drawers.


Flowers, Plants and Foliage

This grouping of photos show off what I inherited from my Mom's love of flowers, especially her roses, and my Dad's love of photography. The most popular of my videos so far have been the two orchid show videos I did showing the New York Botanical Garden shows in 2017 and 2018. I am now posting the 2019 show on its own page, with a guide to as many orchids I could identify as possible. For more flowers, also check out the New York Botanical Garden page (it has the first two Orchid Show videos), the Brooklyn Botanic Garden page, and Snug Harbor and Its Gardens (the pages also have links in the next section).


Zoos, Safaris and Outer Borough Expeditions