The Bronx Zoo, July 24, 2013

As I hope you will discover below and in previous postings, I have been taking a lot of photographs this year, and I have been sharing them on Facebook and on this site. In the Old Friends posting below, you'll see some of my favorites from the park, but I wanted to add some pictures from a visit to the Bronx Zoo on July 24, as well as a few pictures I've taken in Central Park since I posted Old Friends. As always, feel free to friend me on Facebook to see the daily postings, and feel free to drop me a line if you like these (

The spotted leopards were stunning, and I was fortunate enough to shoot through the wire for the smaller shot, and to shoot through the glass for the first, wider shot (these are two different leopards). The red panda was pacing and pacing and pacing, and he seemed so very, very bored.

There are two stuffed grizzly bears in my apartment, Brewster and Big Bart. They take up more room than I really have, but I love having their company. The grizzly at the zoo reminded me of my two plush companions.

I have always loved giraffes and zebras, and came to really love them after my trip to South Africa and the Sabi-Sabi game preserve. I took great pictures on that safari, and I do like these pictures from the Bronx Zoo.

I grew up in a suburb in Florissant, Missouri, called Flamingo Park. We had two lawn ornament flamingos, and I always love seeing these gorgeous birds. So the Bronx Zoo was a true delight.

And I fell in love with the Inca tern, the peacock and the pelicans I saw at the zoo.

The Bronx Zoo has a butterfly house, and while it is not as full of butterflies as I would like, I did spot some nice ones. This photo the best I took at the zoo. You can see other bugs and other butterflies in the Bugs and Butterflies page.