"I'm a writer. It's what I do. So let's get to it."
From The Chronicler's Tales, Or, The PM Saga, Book XII



"In the more remote reaches of the world, somewhat east of Hollywood and north of Broadway, there is a land of Christmas Monsters. Into this land was born — of Maraschino and Spruce Monster — a female offspring, Purple Monster, nicknamed (unimaginatively but appropriately enough, I suppose) PM.
    "Since Christmas Monsterland was inhabited only by red and green Monsters, PM tended to clash with the rest of the community, causing great embarrassment to her family."

                                                                                 From A Christmas Fable, or A Star Is Born

 A Christmas Fable, or A Star Is Born

PM, despite a perceived handicap, practices and practices and wins the role of Santa's lead sleigh puller.



A NOW Christmas Story

Although not officially part of the PM Saga, this poetic parody reports the historic ride of Mrs. C. when Santa becomes incapacitated.



Another Christmas Story

The North Pole is afflicted by Apathia Sowhata.



Crisis At the North Pole, or Yet Another Christmas Story

SEGWAC malevolently disorients the North Pole crew with a hallucinogenic drug.



A Christmas Love Story, or The PM Saga, Book IV

PM becomes North Pole Ambassador, is kidnapped, and meets Alabaster Eggshell, the Christmas Monster of her dreams.



A Very Moral Christmas Story, The PM Saga, Book 5: The Fantasy Strikes Back

Santa is called before the Un-Christmas Activities Committee by the Purity Plurality.



A Christmas Visitor, or, The PM Saga, Book 6

Ho! Ho! Ho! A UFO!: The North Pole is bonked by an alien spacecraft carrying Relicta, the ET IT; and PM and Alabaster get married.


The Prodigal Elf, The PM Saga, Book VII

Clyde Elf, blinded by Hollywood stars, deserts the North Pole to seek fame and glory, only to dredge the depths of debauchery.



The Good SEGWACian, The PM Saga, Book VIII

The Christmas crew receives help from an unexpected source, and PM gobbles chocolate and champagne in preparation for a Christmas Day mating ritual.



A Christmas Soap Opera: As the North Pole Spins, The PM Saga, Episode IX

A dastardly plot is perpetrated to kill the expectant purple parent-to-be, and we are introduced to the new progeny, Lapis Snowflake and Geranium Amethyst.



The Parable of the Lost Christmas Monsters, The PM Saga, Book X

The harried parents search for their wandering offspring, and we hear the legend of “The Doll With the Sad Eyes.”



Summit At the North Pole, The PM Saga, Book XI

Viper Carrion and St. Nick confer at the North Pole, and the SEGWACian despot is presented with a magical silver ornament. (A factoid: the cover glows in the dark.)


The Chronicler's Tales, The PM Saga, Book XII

Your storyteller, despite Literary Laryngitis, renegotiates her contract in an atmosphere of technology run amok.



A Very Crazy Christmas, The PM Saga, Book XIII

Malevolent SEGWACian microwaves cause the character traits the Christmas Characters work hardest to suppress to become dominant.



The Sublime State of Christmasness, The PM Saga, Book XIV

During teletransportation, PM evaporates into a higher level of Christmas consciousness.



The Magic Garden of the Christmas Star, The PM Saga, Book XV

The North Pole is bankrupt, and only the Christmas Star and magic flowers can save Santa's ride. Crystal Camellia is born to Relicta and Dove.



The Wonders of Christmas Monsterland, The PM Saga, Book XVI

Your Chronicler, to earn a little extra, conducts a tour of PM's homeland. The Story of the Cave of the Time to Come.


Lights! Camera! Christmas! The PM Saga, Book XVII

PM's Saga becomes a movie, almost. Lucifer Trinode, an evil alien with an isolator ray, makes his first appearance.



Ho Ho Ho! Oh No! Yet Another Christmas Crisis! The PM Saga, Book XVIII

Lucifer Trinode and SEGWAC recycle previous Saga plots to threaten Christmas once again.



The Mystery of the Metamorphic Christmas, The PM Saga, Book XIX

Where, oh where, has the Christmas Spirit gone? Lucifer Trinode and SEGWAC sucked it out with a giant vacuum cleaner.



Christmas 1996

The Chronicler regrets that there’s no Christmas Crisis this year.



The Return of Christmas Monsterland, The PM Saga, Book XX

PM fires Chronicler for her dereliction of duty. SEGWAC steals all the music, note by note, ensuring a monotonous holiday.



A Roaring Good Christmas, In Search of a Crisis! The PM Saga, Book XXI

The Christmas Crew goes in search of a Crisis and finds a South African lion king.



A Transcendental Christmas, Ommmm for the Holidays, The PM Saga, Book XXII

When Dove loses his Ommmm and sells all the toys, PM leads the Gang to Japan and China to find inner peace.



All I Want for Christmas, Or, Hippy Holidays! The PM Saga, Book XXIII

Peppermint Paunch falls in love with a beautiful, ambitious young Christmas Monster who almost lures Santa to his doom.



In Serious Search of the Christmas Spirit, Another Chronicler’s Tale, The PM Saga, Book XXIV

A tragedy in the Big A leaves Chronicler with a Crisis of conscience and a quest for the meaning of Christmas.



The Glow of Christmas, Or, The Heat Is On, The PM Saga, Book XXV

The Christmas Star Firebird is kidnapped, and the North Pole becomes a  tropical island.



Christmas Con Brio, With a Song in Our Hearts, The PM Saga, Book XXVI

The twins want to audition to be sleigh pullers, but Lapis reveals he can't sing (oh, the horror!).



Catch a Christmas Starfly, The Quest for the Ancient Monster, The PM Saga, Book XXVII

Alabaster sets to work on the "Missing Link Project." The Starflies spread the light and love.



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