Happy, Happy, Happy Holidays!

Originally published December 2015

Amethyst, the 2015 Hovel Christmas Tree

Amethyst, the 2015 Hovel Christmas Tree

The Chronicler once again did daily videos that she posted on Facebook celebrating the New York Christmas. She posted 30 truly lovely vignettes and has been combining them into videos with music.

Here are the six. 


The first is one of Chronicler's favorites, for it features Woody Wood Duck's letter to Santa Claus.


This one shows the many wonderful Christmas windows to view walking around New York City.


The Metropolitan Museum of art celebrates Christmas during the holidays with a wonderful tree on the main floor. But throughout the year it tells the Christmas story in paintings and sculpture throughout the museum.


The street decorations and decorations inside the stores and museums are shown in this video.


The Dyker Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn outdoes itself each year in electricity used per square foot to light the lights.


The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, New York City's Tree!


By the way, this year's hovel tree is named Amethyst, after one of Purple Monster's twins. She is beautiful. 



Books 12, 13 and 20 Are Now in the Archives!

The Chronicler is happy to announce that she has added three Sagas to the PM Saga Archives.

First, there is The Chronicler's Tales, The PM Saga, Book 12, in which Purple Monster's storyteller makes her first appearance as a Christmas Character, and despite Literary Laryngitis renegotiates her contract in an atmosphere of technology run amok.


The second is A Very Crazy Christmas, The PM Saga, Book 13, in which malevolent SEGWACian microwaves cause the character traits the Christmas Characters work hardest to suppress to become dominant.


Our third is The Return of Christmas Monsterland: She's Back, Book 20. In this very entertaining story, PM fires Chronicler for her dereliction of duty, and SEGWAC steals all the music, note by note, ensuring a monotonous holiday.