More Silly Videos

Christmas is very, very important to the Chronicler and this Web site. You can enjoy some Christmas memories from 2015 on the Merry Christmas 2015 page.  Especially nice is the letter Woody wrote to Santa Claus in the first video.

Speaking of Woody, you'll want to check out the Woody! Woody! Woody! page to keep up with him.

You can find the hawk Silly Videos on the Red-Tailed Hawks page. Other new videos have been added to the Another Silly Video by Susan Kirby collection on YouTube for you to enjoy.

One of the most popular has been The Painted Bunting in Prospect Park. It was followed by The Painted Bunting in Prospect Park: Another Look.

Another special video is The Swans of Prospect Park.

Reservoir Ducks II: The Sequel is the result of two years of walking around the Central Park Reservoir and documenting the ducks and other wildlife there. It is set to music by Respighi and Rossini.

Bird Bath, set to music by Telemann, features feathered friends splashing around in Central Park. Another, a video photo album, you can check out in the next section of this page.

My Little Chickadees features the delightful chickadees of Central Park flitting around to the music of Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries.

I've begun a subset of Another Silly Video, which for now I'm calling Filming the Feathers. The chickadee video above, though not titled as such, is a good example of what I'm trying to do: present individual types of birds in videos with photos. I hope to accompany most of these with music, chosen for the personality of the birds. Filming the Feathers: Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers in Central Park is a truly silly video, set to Beethoven. I'm currently working on a cardinals video, and hope to post that soon.