Three More Sagas Have Been Added to the Archives!

Originally published February 2016

PM's Chronicler has been working hard to make sure that all the PM Sagas —  the exploits of the amazing Purple Monster and her North Pole and Christmas Monsterland crew — are available on this Web Site. I mean, really, that's the ultimate purpose of this site. Everything else is window dressing.

I have just added three early Sagas to the archive:

The Prodigal Elf, The PM Saga, Book VII, in which Clyde Elf, blinded by Hollywood stars, deserts the North Pole to seek fame and glory, only to dredge the depths of debauchery.



A Christmas Soap Opera: As the North Pole Spins, The PM Saga, Episode IX, in which a dastardly plot is perpetrated to kill the expectant purple parent-to-be, and we are introduced to the new progeny, Lapis Snowflake and Geranium Amethyst.

10 SagaCover 1500 Parable.jpg

The Parable of the Lost Christmas Monsters, The PM Saga, Book X, in which the harried parents search for their wandering offspring, and we hear the legend of "The Doll With the Sad Eyes."