Some New Pictures

Originally published July 27, 2013

The Bronx Zoo, July 24, 2013

As I hope you will discover below and in previous postings, I have been taking a lot of photographs this year, and I have been sharing them on Facebook and on this site. In the Old Friends posting below, you'll see some of my favorites from the park, but I wanted to add some pictures from a visit to the Bronx Zoo on July 24, as well as a few pictures I've taken in Central Park since I posted Old Friends. As always, feel free to friend me on Facebook to see the daily postings, and feel free to drop me a line if you like these (

The spotted leopards were stunning, and I was fortunate enough to shoot through the wire for the smaller shot, and to shoot through the glass for the first, wider shot (these are two different leopards). The red panda was pacing and pacing and pacing, and he seemed so very, very bored.

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The Bronx Zoo has a butterfly house, and while it is not as full of butterflies as I would like, I did spot some nice ones. The photo below left was the best I took at the zoo, but to the right you'll see another butterfly from Central Park and a dragonfly from Central Park. I hope you scroll down further to see Just a Bit Buggy, and check out the Bugs and Butterflies page, which has even more bugs I've photographed.

New Pictures of Old and New Friends

The remainder of the pictures in this section were taken after I published Old Friends and If I Can't Have a Garden, I'll Take Central Park (see the archive). A blue heron visited the park last winter, and I did a Silly Video called My Blue Heron, which you can see at this link or on the Weight Loss, Ducks and the Art of the Silly Video page. I have photographed hawks before, and you can see pictures in some of the links in the archive and on the hawks page.

I am enamored of the lotus blossoms and the water lilies in Bethesda Fountain, and I have been trying to photograph them in various stages this summer. The lotus blossom shot was taken on July 27 with some of the best light I've seen. The water lilies were so strong, and I'm always thrilled to be reminded of Monet and Giverny.

There is a peach tree near the 77th Street entrance to the park on the west side, and I can't resist quote T. S. Eliot when I see it. You'll see pictures of the raccoons and the cardinals other places on this site, but these new shots I find particularly fun.