Patriotic Central Park — Another Silly Video by Susan Kirby

Originally published July 27, 2013

On July 4, I took a six-hour walk through Central Park. I took a lot of pictures and a lot of video. I've edited it into a new Another Silly Video by Susan Kirby (see Weight Loss, Ducks and the Art of the Silly Video). It features my favorite subjects: Woody the wood duck, the egret, the black-crowned night heron, mallards and their ducklings, cormorants, cardinals, blue jays and the ever-cute raccoons.

Below that, you'll find Another Silly Video, this one without music, and very short, of a duckling who would love to have an umbrella, but will use its mom if there's no other shelter around. It was filmed on Aug. 2 at the Pond in Central Park.

Please enjoy both videos, and "like" it if you do!