A Special Bird at the Pond

Originally published March 2013

The ring that holds the lens cap to the lens fell off my new Canon camera. Best Buy refused to stand by the product it sold. (The not very helpful customer "service" person told me I should have paid the company more money to get "buyer protection." Instead, the company has lost a customer for life. I do encourage people to shop anywhere but Best Buy.) I now must send the camera to Canon for repair, and I may undergo very painful withdrawal while it is gone. On the last weekend with my camera before the "hospital," I saw this magnificent great heron at the Pond in Central Park.

Of course Woody is still my favorite Prince of the Pond, and I love the blue heron (I haven't seen it for a few days), but for now, I will post these two photos of the great egret and start editing some Woody footage and other video for the next "Another Silly Video by Susan Kirby."

When first seen, the egret was near the bridge, in the reeds. It was having trouble moving in the reeds and would trip, spread its wings, and breathe heavily. I watched it there for almost two hours, without much luck getting good photographs. But eventually, it took off and flew toward the south of the Pond, and I ran after it, mowing down tourists in my path. These two shots were taken at the south end of the Pond.