Comedy Tonight — If They Could See Me Now

Originally published April 2013


Three more chances to see me as Patricia Pushover! I sing! I dance! I seduce young men! See me at my most cougarish at Broadway Comedy Club in Beverly Bonner's Casey — 30 Years Later. I play a very mature "lady of the evening." 

The show is based on Frank Henenlotter's Basket Case, a 1982 cult horror film starring Beverly Bonner as Casey. This show explores what happened to Casey after the movie. She's running a brothel with aging hookers.

This is a very funny show, and I get a chance to show off my vocal cords, my new svelte body and my varicose veins! My dancing has been banned in Boston, but fortunately you can see it in New York City.

Here's a picture of my costume. I haven't shown this much skin since I wore a bustier in The Skin of Our Teeth in college in the late '60s! Thank goodness I lost those 40 pounds. (See Weight Loss, Ducks and the Art of the Silly Video.)

The Broadway Comedy Club is at 318 West 53rd Street. There is a two-drink minimum, and $20 ticket price ($15 in advance).

The next show is Tuesday night, April 23, at 7:00 (opening acts; 7:30 for the play). After that, two more shows: May 7 and May 21.

To quote Mama Rose: "Some people got it and make it pay. Some people can't even give it away.

This people's got it and this people's spreadin' it around!"

Come one, come all!