Gotta Love a Duck (and Other Birds)

Originally published March 2013

You can read all about Woody, the wood duck, in my previous post. But here are some new pictures from my walks in Central Park on March 4, 5 and 6. Just can't stop taking pictures.

On March 4, we get small birds, and move up to the ducks (mallards and a wood duck).

Using the theory that there can't be too many pictures of Woody, here are some more.

Isn't he just the handsomest duck you've ever seen? Of course, the lady mallard below might disagree. If you asked her, she'd probably quack that her mate is the duck of ducks.

And lest we forget the big bullies in the park (and we're not talking blackbirds here), let's hear it for the geese!

March 5 was a very long walk, around the Lake, down to the Pond, up to the Pool, on to the Meer. I think I spent five hours in the park, enough that my battery ran out on my new camera. By the time I was ending my walk at the Reservoir, I had only my cellphone camera to snap pictures. And at the Reservoir, what did I discover? More wood ducks! Woody's cousins are in residence there. But the photos aren't great, so I need to go back soon.

For now, some shots I like a lot. I was so excited to see turtles out sunning themselves on this very warm, bright day. This guy seemed very ready for his closeup.

This cardinal was bright red in the sunlight.

I did go to see Woody the wood duck at the Pond, and took lots of pictures. As you can see above and below, he is indeed a looker. 

But I'm not including any new ones here right now. He is so cool. I fed him lots of peanuts and almond slivers, and he rewarded me with great posing.

The blue heron was just stunning in the sunlight at the Pond. I'm thrilled to get these closeups.

I love the way the heron is framed by thevegetation in the photo above, and love the mallards in the background.

I also like the closeups of the big bird. This was the first warm day where the bird seemed to want to move around. And he stretched the long neck, making me think of a giraffe.

Up at the Meer, the swan was holding court, too. He is the only swan I've seen in the park, and he seems to know how gorgeous he is.

I couldn't resist adding this mallard photograph, shot at the Pond before I saw the heron. He just seemed so sure that I had some food for him, and he was right.

The March 6 walk was shorter, because the weather forecast was promising a storm later that night (and I was supposed to be on my way to an audition). Small birds and waterfowl alike seemed to be hunkering down to wait out the cold, windy weather. 

The shovelers, which I'd seen at the Meer the day before, were back in the Lake. I love my new camera, which helped me get a nice closeup of the shovel bill.

As I approached the Oven, I was amazed to see six male and three female cardinals. The red before the storm was awesome. 

I went to the Pond before I left for the audition, and didn't see either Woody or the blue heron, but I was not surprised, since I hoped they had found shelter from the storm. I took more pictures of the mallards, but won't include them here. On the way to the steps leading up to Central Park South, I saw this sweet sparrow. What a face!