The Chronicler's Tales

Quack! Squawk! Another Christmas Saga in the Archives

A Very Crazy Christmas

Purple Monster's Chronicler has added Book 13 of the PM Saga to the archives. This is a favorite of your Chronicler's, especially since poor Rudy thinks he's a mallard!

In this exciting episode, malevolent SEGWACian microwaves cause the character traits the Christmas Characters work hardest to suppress to become dominant.


More exciting sagas to be added soon! You can read what's available any time at on the PM Sagas page.

Four Sagas Are Now in the Archives!

There was a time when I believed in love, hope and Christmas. I wrote stories about dreams and dreams coming true. I created a character called Purple Monster, and she became the North Pole Ambassador. I also created a character called the Chronicler, who had issues, but faithfully recorded the exploits of our magical heroine and her friends and family in Christmas Monsterland and at the North Pole. Thus came about the PM Sagas, and thus came about this Web site and blog.

A number of the PM Sagas have been placed online for your reading pleasure. I have just added four more:

Crisis at the North Pole, or Yet Another Christmas Story

In this third Saga, SEGWAC malevolently disorients the North Pole crew with a hallucinogenic drug.


PM becomes North Pole Ambassador, is kidnapped, and meets Alabaster Eggshell, the Christmas Monster of her dreams.


Santa is called before the Un-Christmas Activities Committee by the Purity Plurality.


Ho! Ho! Ho! A UFO!: The North Pole is bonked by an alien spacecraft carrying Relicta, the ET IT; and PM and Alabaster get married.