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Christmas 2016, for the Record

Your Chronicler had a very difficult time celebrating Christmas 2016, but she trudged through the holidays and produced daily Christmas in New York videos on Facebook, combined them into seven Christmas in New York 2016 videos on YouTube (you can see them on the Gallery page here), put up Hillary, the Hovel Tree, and added additional Sagas to the PM Saga Archive.

Hillary, the Hovel Tree, Christmas 2016

Hillary, the Hovel Tree, Christmas 2016

Christmas in New York 2016

I posted daily videos on Facebook showing Christmas in New York, then combined them for seven videos on YouTube. I've put them all in a page on this site, so you can binge watch if you want. Below you will see the final posting, my video ode to Hillary, the Hovel Tree. I used a recording of Silent Night I made several years ago with Woody Regan in this, so be prepared!

Here are some of the photos from the Hovel at Christmas. First you see the editorial assistant who came home with Hillary from the lot on 79th Street and Broadway. You then see Hillary with her lights of many colors, with ornaments, and fully bedecked with ornaments, bead garlands and tinsel. Some new ornaments are included, and some older ones, plus the house shoes that Santa brought the Chronicler (she also got a new shower curtain — your Chronicler believes in warmth and cleanliness!).

The Christmas 2016 page has photos from all seven videos, including the Central Park video, which, as always, was near and dear to your Chronicler.

Sagas Added to the Archives

Four more Sagas were added to the PM Sagas Archives. Most Sagas have now been posted, and the rest will appear soon. I have tried to gain perspective and inspiration during these trying times by reading about the exploits of Purple Monster again. She really fights for Christmas and the Christmas Spirit!

8 SagaCover jpg_edited-1.jpg

The Good SEGWACian, The PM Saga, Book VIII

The Christmas crew receives help from an unexpected source, and PM gobbles chocolate and champagne in preparation for a Christmas Day mating ritual.


11 SagaCover 1500_edited-1.jpg

Summit At the North Pole, The PM Saga, Book XI

Viper Carrion and St. Nick confer at the North Pole, and the SEGWACian despot is presented with a magical silver ornament. (A factoid: the cover glows in the dark.)


The Sublime State of Christmasness, The PM Saga, Book XIV

During teletransportation, PM evaporates into a higher level of Christmas consciousness.


The Magic Garden of the Christmas Star, The PM Saga, Book XV

The North Pole is bankrupt, and only the Christmas Star and magic flowers can save Santa's ride. Crystal Camellia is born to Relicta and Dove.