Camp Verde

A Roadrunner in Arizona

I spent a week at the end of April/beginning of May in Arizona. While in Camp Verde, I got to see my first greater roadrunner on May 3, the last day of my trip, in the backyard of my hostess's house. It was a thrilling sight. I took a little bit of video and as many photos as I could in the short time the bird visited.

Before I saw the roadrunner, one of the cats I shared the house with was playing with a little snake. I took some video of that. When the cat moved away, in came the roadrunner to grab the stunned little snake.

I grew up watching Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner cartoons. This was my first chance to see a roadrunner. I didn't see a coyote, or any Acme logos anywhere. Maybe next time.

I did a short film of the roadrunner, which I've added to the Filming the Feathers collection of Silly Videos by Susan Kirby. I set it to music by Debussy. It's very short!

These photos are in the video, but I like putting them here as well.