American wigeons

Ducks Make Me Happy!

In the midst of despair, I have turned to ducks to counter my depression. There is Woody, of course, and yesterday he offered great solace. Today, I offer you the American wigeon, the newest entry in the Filming the Feathers series.

American wigeon, Prospect Park, November 6, 2016

American wigeon, Prospect Park, November 6, 2016

I first saw a wigeon in March 2014 on the Reservoir in Central Park. Then on Sunday, after a nature walk in Prospect Park, we came upon a pair of wigeons gorging on duckweed north of the Lake. What joy to watch them. Little did we know of the coming apocalypse!

So enjoy these dabblers. We were amazed at the high-pitched whistle they squeaked when chasing off some American black ducks. The mallards could be tolerated, apparently, but not the black duckies!

This first grouping is of the ice skater in March 2014.

And these are the dabblers from November 2016:

So let's celebrate the duckies before the climate change deniers and the hunters take over the Department of the Interior and these guys become even harder to find!