Fred and Ginger, Still Trying

The red-tailed hawk pair that hangs out between 72nd Street and 96th Street on the west side of Central Park — known to many hawk watchers as Fred and Ginger — have been trying to breed for several years, but have been unsuccessful. A nest they tried to build on a building on Central Park West around 92nd Street was taken down by a maintenance worker about four years ago, and another nest they tried to build on the Beresford building failed to produce eyasses. Last year, the pair tried to brood on the San Remo building, but Ginger's egg rolled off the ledge.

Ginger and Fred in the Ramble, April 17, 2017

Ginger and Fred in the Ramble, April 17, 2017

This year the pair built a partial nest on West 81st Street, and last week Ginger spent a day on those branches, raising hopes that the pair was finally brooding. But apparently it was a false alarm, because both hawks have been hunting and eating in the Ramble recently, and not sitting on the nest.

Yesterday (April 17), Ginger was spotted in the Ramble in the afternoon eating a meal, probably brought to her by Fred. After she finished her dinner, Fred came to her branch, and the pair mated again. I document nature, so here's the video.

It may be too late for a successful nest, but these two hawks are such a joy to watch that we are encouraged that they keep trying. These shots are of the pair, and then Ginger as she eats and then preens after mating.