A Wilson's Snipe at Triplets Bridge

After the storm on Tuesday, Central Park became a temporary home for a number of birds stranded in the snow. Among the visitors (including numerous woodcocks) was a Wilson's snipe (Gallinago delicata), who appeared at Triplets Bridge on March 16 and stayed through March 17. I filmed the bird both days, and set both videos to music by Charles Gounod.

Wilson's snipe at Triplets Bridge, March 17, 2017

Wilson's snipe at Triplets Bridge, March 17, 2017

The two videos show the bird hunting for worms under the water, bobbing and bobbing.

This set of photos shows the bird on March 16.

These photos are from March 17.

This was not the first Wilson's snipe I've seen, but this bird was the first I was able to photograph close enough to get good shots. The last one I photographed was on April 10, 2014. Here's one of the grainy photos from that day.