Little Duckies at the Pond

On July 5, Mama Mallard took her six little ducklings out for a swim on the Pond in Central Park. Mama was interested in the peanuts I brought for Woody, but I was careful that the little ones didn't get any — they could choke!

I wanted to post this ASAP because too often I return to the Pond and there are fewer little duckies than there were the day before. There are so many dangers! Snapping turtles, huge carp, raccoons, rats, black crowned night herons — all could try to make a snack of a little duckling. 

But last year or the year before, one of the Pond mallard mamas kept all seven of her little ducklings alive until they were the equivalent of teenagers. And this year a mallard mama at Turtle Pond also kept her seven ducklings alive. So I will keep my fingers crossed for all of these little ones.

So much cuteness in one little video! My thanks to the ever so talented Eric Benjamin Gordon for his composition Mild Life used in this film.