A Green Heron at Azalea Pond

Azalea Pond in Central Park had a delightful visitor on June 17 and 18 — a green heron. I took a lot of photos and video, because this bird visits so infrequently, but yet is such a gorgeous animal.

The heron stood on this little branch over the water both days, regularly dipping into the water, pulling out a little fish, then gobbling it down. He kept doing this, as if he were at the movies chomping from a bag of popcorn.

We looked for the green heron the following days, but he wasn't to be seen. Maybe he went looking for a new pond, having finished off all the fish. Hope he comes back.

I edited the video I took the two days into two parts, so you can see how the heron behaves. I set both videos to music by Franz Joseph Haydn.

The following are some of the photos I took both days. You can find more on the Green Herons page.