Suppertime at the 116

There are a pair of red-tailed hawks that established a nest this year at 116th Street and Riverside Park. They have two eyasses, and I've been watching them from nesting time to now. On May 29, we got to see Mama bring in a squirrel (we think dropped off by Pops) and feed the kids. The video is very long, but so much fun to see the kids. Skip around if you get bored (the Vivaldi music is always good to hear).

I also went to see the hawks at St. John the Divine, Pale Male's nest and the 72nd Street fledgling. I'm including those pictures here, too. You can see Octavia and the two eyasses on the nest looking at Pale Male, who is on a nearby rooftop. Then you'll see the 72nd Street Mama on a building on West End below her fledgling, who is about 15 floors above on the balcony railing. Apparently the father has been missing, presumed dead, and the other eyass died as well in that family.

Good times and bad for the red-tailed hawks in New York City this year.