The Chronicler Stalks — and Sings

Originally published March 2010

Chronicler is thrilled and terrified to announce that she will be singing one song, one night only, in the Angel Drake Presents: Songs to Stalk By show at Wings Theatre on Saturday, March 20, 8 p.m.

As Chronicler's bio notes on the first link, she began stalking at a young age, pacing desperately in front of the house of a very sexy high school guy while warbling “On the Street Where You Live” (he had a really hot motorcycle, which in her mind justified her obsession). 

Will Purple Monster attend? Those of us who know her well are well aware that she disapproves of stalking. Except ... we also remember that in A Very Crazy Christmas, The PM Saga, Book XIII, she was not always above a bit of obsessive behavior. So if you attend and see a puff of purple appear on the pouf, she has decided to check out the warbling of her literary recorder.

What song will Chronicler sing? And does she sing it to Derek? To Sir Simon? To Riccardo? Or to some other much obsessed-over, but unnamed, object of her affection? Hate to keep you guessing, but what is life if not a mystery? After the singers sing and are interviewed by Miss Drake, the audience votes on the most stalky singer. Chronicler hopes to pack the house and win the 50 bucks. But first she has to go warm up and practice, practice, practice!