First published May 2009

Preparing a Web site is more dizzying than whirling and swirling in Relicta's spaceship. This is the first of what we hope will be frequent musings on just about anything. But first a word about this site. Purple Monster first appeared in 1976, her purpose to inject some ChristmasSpirit into a materialistic world. She's done what she can, aided and abetted by the Chronicler (who loves materialism and does her best to keep the American economy going with her spending). 

The Sagas are listed with small thumbnails of the covers and brief descriptions of the narratives. The first, second and twenty-sixth stories are given as PDFs, and perhaps more will be included at a later time. Since the North Pole paid a calorie a word, later raised to three, the CM Gang hesitates to give away more of Chronicler's work. So we hope this whets the appetite. Chronicler can be bought, so offer enough and maybe you can read a few more of the Sagas. But in the meantime, you can get more of a flavor by visiting the Christmas Monsterland page, which will introduce you to the cast of characters and some of the Monsterland lore.

The Chronicler hopes to weigh in on various subjects whenever the mood hits her. (I'm a writer. It's what I do. Who I am.) So check out this home page and The Chronicler's Tales. Whether it's about baseball or books or the highs and lows of living in the Big Apple, I generally have something to say. But on the days when I don't, check out Our Favorite Things. It has a lot of links to really cool sites and spreads the love for Derek, Sir Simon and the latest Quanz ballet and will detail the search for a good pumpernickle.

And who is the Chronicler? Hmmmm. Click on About the Chronicler. That might help. Chronicler has many interests, and many personalities.