Merry Christmas 2014!!

Originally published December 2014

While Chronicler failed, yet again, to chronicle the marvelous doings of Purple Monster in another Saga in 2014 (I know, I know, it is pretty unforgivable), she did produce three different sorts of chronicles, different kinds of stories.

This year for your holiday enjoyment, I offer Christmas in New York 2014, a video walk through my favorite holiday spots in Manhattan to look at the Christmas decorations.

This began at the end of November, when I started posting on Facebook video glimpses of iconic Christmas displays in the city, beginning with the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree before the lighting.

That was followed by the glittering lights on Tiffany & Co., and progressed each day until December 25, when I posted the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in all its lighted glory.

The 2014 Hovel Christmas Tree was named Belle, and she was indeed beautiful. You can see her video below the Christmas in New York 2014 video.

Belle was, branch for decorated branch, the most beautiful Christmas tree in New York City, according to Chronicler, who is not prejudiced in any way whatsoever. She offers proof in Happy Hovel Holidays!, a video ode to Belle, the 2014 Christmas Tree.

I also gave everyone a Christmas gift of Reservoir Ducks II: The Sequel. This video is the result of two years of walking around the Central Park Reservoir and documenting the ducks and other wildlife there. It is given here with great love, and with the hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.