Q Dance at the Joyce

Originally published June 2012


In June 2012, Peter Quanz brought his new company, Q Dance, to the Joyce Theater in New York City. The company performed In Tandem and Luminous, and these two spectacular ballets brought great joy to the audiences that had the privilege of seeing them (I went to both performances). I saw In Tandem when it was first produced at the Guggenheim, in the Works & Process program. What I really enjoyed when seeing it again at the Joyce was how deep the choreography is. This year I marveled as I saw a new beat, a new moment, a new insight that I hadn't seen before. That is a sure sign of choreographic creativity, and of the artistry of the dancers. The photo on the postcard below is from In Tandem, and I am so taken by the costumes by Anne Armit. The costumes move but don't distract. And her costumes for Luminous were truly luminous. 

When I first saw one of Peter Quanz's ballets, Springscape, for ABT's Studio Company, I was caught up in the dancing from the first moment and was mesmerized until the end, only seeming to re-emerge into my mundane reality when I heard the applause. I have found that to be the case in every ballet of his I've had the good fortune to see. He grabs you and takes you happily where he wants you to go. I just hope now that some adventuresome company will revive Charlies Kreuzfahrt (which I saw in Chemnitz, Germany) and let more people take that delightful journey. In any event, whenever I can see a Peter Quanz ballet, I will be there.