Merry Christmas 2010

First published December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Purple Monster and the Christmas Crew send their most stupendous wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all. Chronicler has once again failed miserably in her efforts to write another Saga this year, but she has managed to write an ode to Mr. Tree, which you can peruse with this link.

And don't forget, there are several Sagas posted on this site, just waiting for your eyes to feast upon them. Click on The Sagas tab, or here, to enjoy the stories of Christmases past.


Last Spring, Chronicler was particularly happy and managed to post another Christmas Saga. She did it with a song to spring:

"Tra la, tra la, it's spring. That red red robin is bob bob bobbin' along. And baseball is back! What a wonderful world we live in.

"In honor of spring, and the increase in temperature, Chronicler has just made available The Glow of Christmas, Or, The Heat Is On, the PM Saga, Book XXV. Chronicler realizes it's not Christmas, but this is a hot, hot story that'll warm your heart."

Wouldn't it be fun to read this story once again this Christmas? (Especially since there's no new story to warm the cockles of your heart, or whatever you might have in your chest cavity.)


How lovely are your branches.

Oh Mr Tree HOVEL3.gif

PM is standing over my shoulder as I type this. She’s has been criticizing my endeavors ever since she got here, with the most strident being that it’s almost Christmas Eve and I’ve just begun the first draft.

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