I used to love the AMC Movie Watchers Club. But they changed it to AMC Stubs. It's no longer a free membership, and no more free popcorn on Wednesdays. But it does give a $10 credit for every $100 you spend, and you get the senior discount at AMC at age 60. Not bad for us old folks.

A young film director, Mattson Tomlin, a graduate of SUNY Purchase, is completing a longer film after his success with Solomon Grundy. He had a very successful KickStarter project and the film has been completed. Quite a talent, with a wicked sense of humor.

In 2012, we thought Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom were definitely worth seeing. A 2011 highlight was Pina. For old movies, nothing beats The Awful Truth for belly laughs, over and over and over with each viewing.

Regal has the Crown Club, which operates in much the same way. I use it for the theater on 42nd Street (Regal E-Walk 13). I have the Clearview card for the Ziegfield. But I don't think the popcorn is as good as the popcorn at AMC. Lincoln Plaza Cinema has good popcorn, as does the Film Forum (even without the butter). It's good, too, at the Angelika, and the experience there is a kick.