Art All Around Me

I can't imagine a life without art. I have traveled the world to museums to see paintings by the great masters. I have also been privileged to purchase art for the walls of the hovel.

I've done two Silly Videos so far touring art museums, the Metropolitan Museum of Art at Christmas and the Cloisters on a rainy day.

Living With Art

I live surrounded by art, and I am so grateful for that. When I traveled, I used to try to find a work of art to bring home with me. The photo on the right shows part of a large scroll painting I bought in China.

I highly recommend the work of several artists. First and foremost is Judith Nevins Bush, who has created some of the most beautiful artwork I've been privileged to see. This link is for a show she contributed masks to in 2003.

And I also think the work of Noah Jemison is among the most powerful I have ever seen. You can see his work for yourself if you go to the lobby of the building on 125th Street that has government offices like the Workers Compensation office.

The gallery below includes two pieces by Judy Bush (the first is Gus the Wonder Cat), and one by Noah. Noah's painting was done on a British Airways ticket envelope!

And I have recently met a wonderful Australian artist on Literary Walk in Central Park. If you want to see some delicate and beautiful work, check out her Web site: She is an artist, singer and poet, and her work represents the music in life and the art in music.